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We are one of the UK’s leading
non-surgical hair loss specialist salons

We are one of Britain’s best because we understand hair, and we offer the highest quality hair loss solutions because we want our clients to feel their best. Our solutions work for clients with pattern baldness, alopecia and many other medical conditions. We understand that this is a very personal decision, so all our consultations and fittings are carried out with the utmost discretion.

Affordable monthly plans

Our monthly payment plans can give you significant savings. And with easy cancellation we feel this is the best option for most of our customers.

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Reservations fees are non refundable, systems will be reserved for 30 days. Payment in full must be received before we can release your hair system.

Professional or Ready To Wear options. It's your choice!!!

Have an expert to take control of your new hair at the david rozman salon and you will receive expert guidance.

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1. Free Consultation

2. £25 off your first system*

3. Fitting options that work for you

4. Money Back Guarantee

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Pattern baldness

This is a common condition that can effect men and women of any age. It can really knock your confidence and damage your self esteem . Our hair loss solutions can help restore that confidence without resorting to surgery.


Alopecia can be caused by stress, illness or you can be born with it. It often goes through cycles of activity, so our non-permanent hair loss systems are ideal because they’re can be removed, allowing your hair to grow when your Alopecia is dormant.


Various medical conditions and treatments can cause hair loss in men and women alike. Whether you lose your hair because of cancer treatment or medication we’re confident one of our hair loss solutions would be the right fit for you.

Adrian B, Manchester

I have been going to David Rozman every month for a while now and the service is always excellent. All the staff are so nice and friendly and most importantly, they know exactly what they’re doing…

Elliott B, Lancashire

Amazing service and advice. Each member of staff Warm, welcoming and great at what they do.

Connor H, Yorkshire

Very impressed with this Salon after doing a bit of online research into salons offering hair systems. Staff all very friendly and can’t do enough to make you comfortable and at ease…