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Our story

The David Rozman Hair Salon has been established since 2006 in the centre of Manchester, we have been fortunate to gain many industry awards through hard work, creativity, and a passion to constantly strive to be the best we can so these benefits can be enjoyed by all our clients.

Here at David Rozman we want to provide more than just our hair services we want to provide a full hair experience it doesn’t matter if you’re a new or returning client we aim to provide a personalised service on each visit.

A salon experience tailored to you

At David Rozman we think it is important that we develop a great relationship with our clients so we get to understand our clients needs and enable our team to give individual and personalised advice.

When you visit David Rozman you should expect an atmosphere that is casual and relaxed and our knowledgeable staff on hand to meet your every need.

Surgical vs Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

There are many misconceptions around both surgical and non-surgical hair replacement. As a non-surgical hair replacement specialist, I’m keen to dispel any misconceptions, to help my clients understand the benefits of avoiding painful surgery and instead opt for non-surgical hair replacement.However this doesn’t mean my critique of surgical hair replacement is disingenuous – for some people going under the knife is the best option, and many experience impressive and life-changing results. So surgical vs non-surgical hair replacement – which is right for you?

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No matter which way you choose to battle hair loss and regain a full head of hair, it’s important you understand all the options and make an informed decision.At David Rozman, our unique hair replacement systems are revolutionary in the world of hair loss. We’ve helped hundreds of people with their hair loss problems. We’ll take you through your hair replacement options, demystify the process and remove uncertainty. We guarantee you’ll leave your consultation with a new-found confidence and sense of wellbeing.

Our Team Leaders

David Rozman

David is focused on offering you a ‘total experience’ from start to finish. With a career spanning over 20 years of experience precision cutting is a must. His prerogative is to make you look and feel confident about your hair.


Charlie has worked with David since day one. With her expertise and experience and her passion her consultations and recommendations to her hair system fitting she second to none.


With a passion in hair cutting Hannah was naturally the right person for David to choose to look after clients. Her vision is on a level par with David so clients are in safe hands when David is not available.