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Are you already a hair system wearer?


Does the system stay on my head at all times?

Yes. We normally use a scalp adhesive and class this form of adhesion as a semi permanent solution that normally only requires our clients to visit the salon every 3-4 weeks for a refit service.

Can I live a normal life when I wear a David Rozman hair system?

You can live your life as normal; sleep, exercise and shower as you normally would, the system fits into your lifestyle.

Would a David Rozman system be right for me?

We like to meet you to talk you through the process and properly assess your hair in a consultation session. In this session we will talk you through the positives and negatives and help guide you towards the right hair loss solution for you.

What hairstyles can I have?

You can virtually have any hair style and colour you want. The systems can be cut and coloured to suit your preference and will always be cut to blend in with your natural hair.

How much does a David Rozman hair system cost?

Each hair system is customised to the client therefore each quote is unique to the clients needs, prices for a standard hair system starts from £369 however that’s just a base price and it doesn’t include the fitting and styling costs, we do offer pay monthly saver deals and bulk purchases which bring down the overall cost of the hair system.

Do I have to use special hair products?

We do advise that you use our hair products as they’ve been designed specifically for our hair systems. Using products designed for our hair systems ensures your hair system is cared for in the best way which means you’ll get more use out of the system.

Why should I choose a David Rozman hair system and not a permanent hair loss solution?

In regards to other hair loss solutions although this isn’t permanent it has guaranteed results.

Hair transplants are costly and can’t always guarantee results, we have had some clients that have tried three unsuccessful hair transplants to then be happy with our hair systems.

We also have client that have unsuccessfully tried injections, tablets and creams, if you want a full head of hair and your confidence back then our systems are a definite option for you.

Are you already a hair system wearer?​

Is it possible for me to have a hair system if I don’t want to visit a salon?

There is some great news! Even though you are not able to make it in to the salon or simply you would rather not visit the salon we are still able to help. We understand that many people want to wear a David Rozman hair system and receive our expert advice, but sometimes distance and work commitments and costs can get in the way. We have been working on a self fit hair supply a support system concept for a long time and we are now able to deliver this to our customers. No longer will distance, transport, parking, salon fitting prices, work commitments have to be a barrier. Please see the sections below for more details.

Can you explain how David Rozman Hair system self fit works?

Easy, if you are already a David Rozman client we already understand most of your requirements so we are able to work to your usual specifications or you can just communicate any alterations you require on our video chat. If you are a new client already wearing a hair system or completely new to this concept it is essential that we conduct an initial video consultation before we commence. This is essential for us to get a better understanding of your many requirements, it is made much easier using a video link. We can give you all the best advice at this point and ensure that this will be made really easy for you.

How detectable is the hair systems?

Our regular wear systems provide an virtually undetectable and realistic hairline. But you must remember that it is down to you to keep the hairline as clean as possible in order to provide you with a virtually undetectable hairline. Please take a look at our range of products to help you with this task.

What do I need for my video consultation/support?

You will need either a smart phone, iPad, or computer. We conduct our video consultations through zoom we ask that you download zoom onto your suitable device prior to your consultation to avoid any delay. This download is simple to do, just visit the App Store for apple products, google play store for Android, or visit

Can you Template my hair system?

Yes we can. We find the easiest way of doing this if you are already a system wearer is to send your old system to us, we can also work any adjustments you may require if you indicate what size alterations you require. We are able to offer up to 1 hour video support if you need support (please see our price list).

Can you cut my hair system?

Yes we can, we are able to cut your hair system to an approximate hair length. We can take the length from an old hair system or work to any pictures you provide at your consultation or by emailing them to

Once We will have finished cutting your hair system we will email you photographs for your approval before sending your new hair system directly to you.

Does the hair systems carry a guarantee?

We guarantee the product you are buying is of a great quality but obviously no guarantees with any hair systems can really be given on its longevity etc as this fully depends on how you look after it. For peace of mind, prior to any hair system leaving us we check for any signs of defects. We will provide a video log for you so that you can see for yourself.

As you will be dealing with David Rozman directly you can be assured that we will help to make you look great. For peace of mind we offer our own insurance with all the prices on our price page. So if you are unfortunate and damage a system accidentally whilst fitting, or for any reason you want to exchange your system in the first 14 days from us dispatching your hair system we will simple exchange it no problem.

What equipment will I need?

You will need:

Nylon tipped makeup brush
Small clippers (will be require if your hair is long on top Razor)
Razor or foil Razor

We are able to provide a maintenance kit to help you manage your hair system for the duration of time you wear your system before you are ready to clean it.

What does a video consultation include?

We offer all our clients 30 – 60 minutes help sessions to discuss their needs via video link, enabling you to speak directly to our expert system consultants. In your consultation we will identify together if our system is the right hair loss solution for you, discuss the hair systems, discuss packages available to suit your needs and budgets, we will discuss how you should maintenance your newly fitted system, the maintenance and aftercare products you may require, how to do your own scalp template if you are a new system wearer, discuss hair style options, and help to identify the closest colour match.

What hair systems do you provide?

David Rozman hair systems super thin skin are robust but not unbreakable. They are not designed to last forever. Without the body’s natural oils to help moisturise the human hair it will eventually become drier and more brittle. Most of our clients find their hair systems need replacing on average every 8 weeks with our regular wear systems, but this can not be guaranteed for everyone some people keep theirs for longer, and some like that fresh feeling looking hair and replace sooner. At the end of the day if you want your hair to always look fresh, or you want to regularly change your style, like us we believe it is always best to replace your hair system long before you hair starts to look bad. The newer the system the more vibrant the hair will be. With Our affordable bundle deals or pay monthly options this will help with whatever you budget allows.

How often will I need to refit my hair system?

We recommend for hygiene purposes that you remove, clean your system and clean your scalp, every 2- 4 weeks. This is dependent on how active you are and how well the bond is adhered to your scalp.

How do I fit my own system?

I know it seems quite daunting but when you work with David Rozman hair systems we are here to make this process as simple as possible. Yes the first time doing this maybe a little stressful but we can help you, we are able to offer 30 – 60 minutes video support for when you are ready to apply a new system or refit.

How long does it take from consultation though to delivery?

We will be able to give a definitive answer to this question at your consultation and will depend on your requirements, but the good news is that we are often able to consult, prepare, and despatch within 3 days. Express Priority services can be made available dependant on your requirements at an additional charge.

How long does it take from consultation though to delivery?

We will be able to give a definitive answer to this question at your consultation and will depend on your selected requirements, but the good news is that we are often able to consult, prepare, and despatch within 3 days. Express Priority services can be made available dependant on your requirements at an additional charge.

Does the self fit option save me money?

Yes, it does help you save money. When a client opts for the self fit range you are ultimately saving on your journey time and cost to our hair salon, you are saving on your professional fitting and cutting service. The self fit option is a perfect solution that puts you in control of your costs by selecting one of our bundle offers, or pay monthly options which will spread your costs across the year, you are also in control of when you want to fit your hair systems and you don’t have to worry about any salons availability.

How do I place an order with you?

It’s so easy:
At your consultation we will record all the details we require, once you confirm you are ready to go ahead, we will send you payment details and once your payment is received we will get to work straight away, once your new hair system is completed we will post out to you.