FAQ - DavidRozman Hair Systems

Frequently asked questions

Does the system stay on my head at all times?

Yes. We normally use a scalp adhesive and class this form of adhesion as a semi permanent solution that normally only requires our clients to visit the salon every 3-4 weeks for a refit service.

Can I live a normal life when I wear a David Rozman hair system?

You can live your life as normal; sleep, exercise and shower as you normally would, the system fits into your lifestyle.

Would a David Rozman system be right for me?

We like to meet you to talk you through the process and properly assess your hair in a consultation session. In this session we will talk you through the positives and negatives and help guide you towards the right hair loss solution for you.

What hairstyles can I have?

You can virtually have any hair style and colour you want. The systems can be cut and coloured to suit your preference and will always be cut to blend in with your natural hair.

How much does a David Rozman hair system cost?

Each hair system is customised to the client therefore each quote is unique to the clients needs, prices for a standard hair system start at £399 however that’s just a base price and it doesn’t include the fitting and styling costs, we do offer pay monthly saver deals and bulk purchases which bring down the overall cost of the hair system.

Do I have to use special hair products?

We do advise that you use our hair products as they’ve been designed specifically for our hair systems. Using products designed for our hair systems ensures your hair system is cared for in the best way which means you’ll get more use out of the system.

Why should I choose a David Rozman hair system and not a permanent hair loss solution?

In regards to other hair loss solutions although this isn’t permanent it has guaranteed results.

Hair transplants are costly and can’t always guarantee results, we have had some clients that have tried three unsuccessful hair transplants to then be happy with our hair systems.

We also have client that have unsuccessfully tried injections, tablets and creams, if you want a full head of hair and your confidence back then our systems are a definite option for you.