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How do David Rozman hair systems work?

A hair system is usually the right hair loss solution for people with pattern baldness. Prior to our David Rozman hair system being fitted we remove all your low density hair, then cleanse the scalp. After this process your customised David Rozman hair system will be cut and placed into position covering your scalp where the low density hair used to grow. Once we have removed your fine locks and replaced it with your customised David Rozman hair system we will then cut and style the system so it looks completely natural and blends perfectly with your hair.

Our hair systems are all hand made with human hair and able to be customised to your requirements so you’re able to select the density of your new hair, colour, quality and texture, this is all discussed in your consultation to make a hair system that is truly unique to you.

Other hair loss solutions

We also offer wigs these are perfect for clients who have lost their hair because of medical reasons.

Our customised wigs are ideal for those people who don’t want to wear a semi permanent hair system.

David Rozman wigs are hand made from superior hair. Our wigs allow you the freedom to experiment with different cuts and colours which can be personalised by one of our stylist to create the perfect customised hair solution for you. A David Rozman wig will help you to feel great when you need it and you will have the ability to take it off when you go to bed or excercise. Put simply you can choose when you wear your wig.

One easy process



Our one-to-one hair loss expert will cleanse your hair and scalp to ensure the system can be applied perfectly.



The new hair is applied semi-permanently to your scalp with a water-based, toxin-free bond.



Once your new human hair is fitted our stylists will cut and style it to perfectly blend into your existing hair.

Want to arrange a consultation?

It’s essential that we assess you to see if a hair system is right for you.

We ask for a booking fee of £25 for all consultations,
but don’t worry, it goes towards your overall cost.