What is pattern baldness?

It’s the most common form of hair loss

Hair loss can be disconcerting, but if you have male-pattern baldness, it may be inevitable.

Also known as androgenic alopecia, balding is quite common: It affects an estimated 50 percent of men older than 50. For some men, it can begin as early as adolescence, with the risk becoming higher as they get older.

What are the causes?

Hair loss can be disconcerting, but if you have male-pattern baldness, it may be inevitable.

Male-pattern baldness gets its name from the fact that it involves male sex hormones (called androgens) and follows a recognizable pattern of hair loss.

The problem is largely tied to genetics: That is, you’re more likely to develop male-pattern baldness if you have relatives who also have the condition. Your risk is greater if men on your mother’s side of the family (such as your mom’s father or brother) have male-pattern baldness.

This type of hair loss occurs when the follicle — the tiny hole through which hairs grow — shrinks. When this happens:

The hairs become thinner and shorter.

Eventually, the follicle stops growing new hair.

In male-pattern baldness, you typically begin losing hair at front of your head, causing the hairline to recede and form an “M” shape. Over time, most men are left with thin, fine hair that forms a horseshoe pattern around the sides of their head.

How do you deal with it?

Some men may try hair transplants, which involve removing hair from areas where it continues to grow and moving it to bald spots. However, this technique is expensive and can cause complications such as scarring and infection.

There have been huge advances in technology that allow salons like ours to offer solutions that are realistic in both their appearance and the practicality of everyday use.

What can we do to help?

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