Affordable Hair Replacement Systems - Pricing

Packages to suit your needs

From £72.50/mo

Initial payment £299

Customers enjoying their hair systems often cannot see themselves going back to square one. Whether you enjoy our regular change systems or would like to discuss any of our packages we’re here to give you the help and support you require.

To enable you to have great looking hair at all times we have taken the stress of you being able to afford a hair system to the next level.   Whether you want to buy a one-off system, opt for one of our monthly payment plan  or save money on a bulk buy plan we are here to help, support and empower you with the piece of mind that a hair system will be ready and waiting for you so you don’t get caught out.

Your personalised consultation

With Years of experience working with hair replacement systems we understand the importance of communication.  It is essential,  if we are here to provide you with the best hair system and service.  It is equally as important for us to understand your needs and expectations in order for us to guide you towards a personalised hair solution, for you.

Professional fitting and cutting

We have always provided professional salon fitting and cutting service.  When we work with our clients face to face we are able to give you our full expertise.  This option is best selected for customers who maybe  more nervous about fitting their own hair system or for people who find comfort in the knowledge their hair restoration system has had everything done by the professionals.

Self fit yourself at home

Our self fit hair solution is perfect for people who are confident at managing their hair system.  We have set up a video support service so we are able to support those who would like our guidance through this process.  You can also select for us to template and cut your hair system to your customised requirements so you just have to fit.