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What is non-surgical hair replacement?

What is non-surgical hair replacement?

Known as a Hair Replacement System, non-surgical hair replacement is sometimes also referred to as a hairpiece or wig. However this is a somewhat antiquated term. Hair replacement systems today are far more sophisticated and advanced, thanks to improvements in the materials, adhesives, hair types and construction.

Compared with a hair transplant, a hair replacement system is an instant and guaranteed solution, suitable for most types of hair loss whether due to hereditary factors, medical conditions, chemotherapy or indeed any other reason. The results of hair replacement systems are guaranteed, with limitless possibilities in terms of colour, style, density, length and texture – essentially hair replacement systems are customised to the client’s specific requirements.

Unlike the hairpieces of old, our hair replacement systems are made with high-quality human hair, sewn on to an ultra-fine undetectable layer of artificial skin, and bonded in such a way to fit perfectly on the natural contours of the client’s head. Unlike wigs or toupees, hair replacement systems do not blow off in the wind, and allow clients to swim, skydive or undertake any number of activities (extreme or otherwise) with no-one being any the wiser.

So the cons? I guess the big one is maintenance. Hair replacement systems don’t last forever; they do need replacing at regular intervals (maintenance routines differ depending on the type of system, the bond used, and the type of hair loss). They also need care to ensure they keep looking good and natural. But the upside to this is flexibility – if a client doesn’t like a particular hair system, or wants to change style, length, wave or colour, they can simply remove it and start again. The same cannot be said of a surgical hair transplant.